Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning and Repair

Ernie’s Carpet Care cleans all types of area rugs. We clean the finest hand made Oriental rugs to the most basic machine made, mass produced rugs. In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning is recommended for all area rugs. We can pick up your rugs and bring them into our cleaning plant. Your area rugs will go through our very thorough cleaning process to get maximum soil and spot removal results. Fringes are cleaned by hand to prevent damage and to obtain the desired outcome. With our in-plant cleaning service, we are able to use specialized equipment and control the drying process. It allows us to give your area rug several treatments and multiple cleanings if necessary, at no extra charge.

Additional services include post-cleaning application of DuPont Carpet Protection for greater soil and stain protection, moth proofing, odor treatment and minor repairs. We also have a selection of area rug pads available for purchase.

Life’s full of surprises in this everyday world of kids, pets, spills and splatters. When you protect your area rugs with DuPont Teflon, you get a measure of assurance. Your area rugs will stay cleaner, brighter, fresher longer because DuPont Teflon is on the job protecting against soil and stains. Our technicians are prepared to apply this product for you immediately after your area rugs are cleaned.

This time we used your in-plant service to have our Oriental rugs cleaned. You took great care of them and now they look like new rugs. Great service!
-Pat R.